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Certificate Signing Request(CSR) Error

Most common mistakes while generating Certificate Signing Request(CSR)

1) Enter correct common name or FQDN

 If the domain name is, then common name should be one of the below


 What is wrong common name?

 i) Just mentioning the domain without tld is not acceptable. For example – google

 ii) Misspell the domain name

 iii) Adding . (dot) at the end of the domain name. For example –

2) Company Name

Enter the company name for which you are purchasing SSL certificate.

3) Enter the correct 2 letter country code.

For example - Country code for United Kingdom is GB.

4) Include 5 dashes

When copy and paste CSR in SSL generation order form, you must copy 5 dashes at the start & 5 dashes at the end of the CSR file.


Encoded data


 5) Key Size

Key length should be minimum 2048 bit.