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HTTP Based Validation

You should prove the domain ownership by uploading a text file in the specified directory of your domain i.e

1) First you should create '.well-known' folder inside the root directory.
2) Next, you should create a folder by name 'pki-validation' within the '.well-known' folder. Place the validation file in a text file under 'pki-validation' folder.

Example CSR's hash looks like:

MD5          565DDFFF2C65E99CF181FE7067953E2C
SHA256    429C402D4044F11ECFC9DFE6492841073A4C2B7AB6B0408D1B7

Once you created the path /.well-known/pki-validation/
Open a notepad and place your SHA256 value and in the next line


Save the file in the format <MD5 hash>.txt



Place this file in the /.well-known/pki-validation directory of the http server and make sure this file is publicly accessible.

Note: The above values are example only. Please use SHA256 & MD5 hash that you get from your order.

  • If your folder('.well-known') disappears after being titled with a “.” then you will need to go to your settings. Select the option to show “hidden folders” to make it visible in your file manager to proceed.
  • On Windows-based servers, add another dot at the end of the folder name (‘.well-known.’). Otherwise, the server won’t allow you to save it with the name that has a dot at the beginning



Apache/Nginx/other Linux-based server