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EV Code Signing Certificate


Code signing lets you know the origin of the code, and prevents a hacker from distributing “free software” in someone else’s name (for example, putting a malicious program or virus on a Web site for download and claiming that it’s a free tool from Microsoft). In addition to verifying the identity of the publisher, code signing can protect the code from tampering (if the code is changed, the digital signature is invalidated).


  • PKI Standard – X.509
  • Algorithm – SHA-2
  • CSR Encryption Bit – 2048
  • Validation Type – Organization Validated
  • Product Type – Signing application software to avoid Unknown Publisher Warning

Key Features:

  • Platforms Supported – Win 10, Win 8, ADOBE AIR, MS VBA, JAR, XAF, DLL
  • Authentication Standard – In line with Microsoft specifications & CA/B Forum.
  • Multiple Application Signing – Free of cost
  • MS SmartScreen Reputation – Available with EV type
  • Refund Policy – 25 days
  • Support – 24/7 Chat, Email & Phone Support

Thus, code signing provides two security protections:

  1. Authentication of the author, publisher or distributor of the code
  2. 2 Integrity of the code itself

How Code Signing Works?