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Email Certificate - CPAC Basic

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Email Certificates

Email certificates to ensure emails are authentic and from the sender’s address. Email certificates offers range of email security to personal users, individual business persons and enterprise email system. Email certificates offers sender’s authenticity, content encryption and message integrity

Signing and Encrypting Mails

  •  Signing an email ensures the recipient knows the email has come from you and informs them that it has not been modified in transit.
  • Encrypting an email ensures that only the recipient can read the email content and attachments.

How to send encrypted email?

In order to encrypt mail, you must first have your recipient's email certificate in your certificate store. To obtain their certificate, you need to get your contact to send you a signed email. Upon receipt of the signed mail, their certificate will be automatically imported into your certificate store and you will be able to sign/encrypt mail to that person.