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cPanel 11.x (Paper Lantern Theme-Modern)

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on cPanel (Paper-Lantern Theme Modern). 

  1. Log in to cPanel, this can typically be accessed by going to

    Note: You may encounter error message "Your connection is not private" or something similar when attempting to visit your cPanel login page. This is caused due to your login page using a self-signed certificate by default. Please disregard this and proceed past the error message.

  2. Enter your Username/Password and click Log in.


  3. View your cPanel Home page.

    Note: Older versions such as X3 Theme-Classic may not look like the image above, but should still contain the same concept and category structure.

  4. Navigate to the SSL/TLS Manager page by scrolling down to the Security section and select the SSL/TLS button.

    Note: You can also navigate to the SSL/TLS Manager page by utilizing the Search Feature at the top right of the cPanel home page and searching “SSL”.

  5. Your SSL/TLS Manager page will allow you to manage everything related to SSL/TLS configuration for cPanel.

  6. Select Generate view, upload, or delete SSL certificate signing requests.
  7. Fill out the Request Form and click Create.

    Note 1: By default, cPanel will automatically generate the corresponding private key if "Generate a new 2,048 bit key" is selected as the Key option. If you already have a private key created that you wish to use, select the Key dropdown and select the appropriate option.

    Note 2: cPanel does not require a passphrase for your CSR, but does recommend inputting a description such as "CSR for 9/13/2016" that helps distinguish this CSR going forward.

  8. Congratulations, you have created a CSR and automatically saved it in your user directory.
  9. Click into the Encoded Certificate Signing Request text box that's presented after generation, and copy all of the text including:
  10. Return to the Generation Form back on our website and paste the entire CSR into the blank text bow and continue with completing the generation process.