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F5 BIG IP (version 8 and under) Installation

1.Transfer your certificates

The first step is to transfer your Server Certificate and Intermediate Certificate(s) on to the Big-IP device.

2. Rename your server certificate

If your server certificate has any underscores in the name, you will need to replace all underscores with periods.

3. Copy your server certificate

Your server certificate will need to be copied to: /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/folder

4. Copy your intermediate certificates

Your intermediate certificate(s) will need to be copied to: /config/bigconfig/ssl.crt/folder

5. Restart your proxy

You can restart your proxy by using the following command:

# bigpipe proxy <IP Address>:443 disable
	  # bagpipe proxy :443 enable

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your SSL certificate! To check your work, visit the website in your browser at https://yourdomain.tld and view the certificate/site information to see if HTTPS/SSL is working properly. Remember, you may need to restart your server for changes to take effect.