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F5 BIG IP (version 9) Installation

Installing the Entity SSL Certificate
  1. Launch the f5 BIG-IP web GUI.
  2. Under Local Traffic select SSL Certificates.
  3. Click on the name you assigned to the certificiate under General Properties while creating the CSR.
  4. Browse to the CRT file(s) that you received.
    Example: STAR_domain_com.crt, your_fqdn.crt
  5. Click Open and then Import.

Your SSL Certificate is now installed!

Enabling your Intermediate Certificate
  1. In the web GUI, choose Local Traffic, then SSL Certificates and then Import.
  2. Enter XYZCA as your certificate name.
  3. Browse to the file that you received, click Open, and then Import.

Your intermediate certificate(s) should now be imported!

Configure BIG-IP for SSL

  1. Create or open the SSL Profile that you will be using with this certificate.
  2. Under Configuration, choose Advanced.
  3. Select the SSL certificate (public/private key pair) that you installed at the beginning of these instructions.
  4. Under the Chain section, browse to the XYZCA file that you imported in the previous step, then save and exit the configuration.