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Microsoft Exchange 2007

CSR Generation Instructions

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on Microsoft Exchange 2007.

  1. Launch Microsoft Exchange 2007 from your programs and select Exchange Management Shell.
  2. Copy and paste the below command in a text editor such as Notepad.
    New-ExchangeCertificate-GenerateRequest -KeySize 2048 -Path c:\YourCSRName.txt -SubjectName "c=US, l=YourLocalityOrCity, s=YourStateOrProvince, o=YourCompanyInc," -DomainName, -PrivateKeyExportable:$true
  3. Edit your CSR details accordingly in Notepad:   
    • -Path c:\YourCSRFileName.txt: The file path where you want to save the CSR as a “.txt” file.
    • Country Name (C): The official two-letter country code (i.e. US, CH) where your organization is legally incorporated.
    • Locality or City (L): The locality or city where your organization is legally incorporated. Do not abbreviate.
    • State or Province (S): The state or province where your organization is legally incorporated. Do not abbreviate.
    • Organization Name (O): The full legal name of your organization including the corporate identifier.
    • Common Name (CN): The FQDN (fully-qualified domain name) you want to secure with the certificate such as,, *, etc.
    • Domain Name (DN): Use a comma(s) to separate any additional domains (Subject Alternative Name) from your primary domain name (Common Name) that you wish to secure under the same SSL certificate; if necessary.
    • PrivateKeyExportable:$true: Leave this command marked as “$true” if you want to export the key pair and move the SSL certificate to another computer or device.
  4. Copy and paste the edited CSR details into the Exchange Management Shell utility, and press Enter. A Thumbprint should appear if the CSR was successfully created.
  5. Locate and open the newly created CSR from the specified location you choose in a text editor such as Notepad and copy all the text including:   


  6.  Return to the Generation Form on our website and paste the entire CSR into the blank text box and continue with completing the generation process.