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Web Host Manager (WHM)

The following instructions will guide you through the CSR generation process on Web Host Manager (WHM). 

  1. Log in to WHM, this can typically be accessed by going to

    Note: You may encounter error message "Your connection is not private" or something similar when attempting to visit your WHM login page. This is caused due to your login page using a self-signed certificate by default. Please disregard this and proceed past the error message.

  2. Enter your Username/Password and click Log in.
  3. View your WHM Home page.
  4. Click the SSL/TLS button.
  5. In your SSL/TLS Manager page, click Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request.
  6. Fill out the Request Form and click Create. 

    Note 1: We do not recommend sending the private key via email over an insecure channel.

    Note 2: By default, WHM will automatically generate the corresponding private key if "2,048 bits (Recommended)" is selected as the Key Size. If you already have a private key created that you wish to use, select the Key Size dropdown and select the appropriate option.


  7. Congratulations, you have created a CSR and automatically saved it in your user directory.
  8. Click into the Signing Request text box that's presented after generation, and copy all if the text including:


  9. Return to the Generation Form back on our website and paste the entire CSR into the blank text bow and continue with completing the generation process.