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Positive SSL Multi Domain Certificate

Original price $149.00
Current price $45.00

Positive Multi Domain SSL (Low Cost-Multiple domains)

Multi-Domain Certificates are the same as Website certificates that they can contain more than one domain name or, allow for the encapsulation of multiple domains within a single SSL certificate. Through a single Certificate you can secure as many sub domains belonging to a specified domain name as you can use. The basic price includes 3 domains.

The biggest market where these will be required is Shared Hosting environments (were many domains have the same public IP address). A Multi-Domain certificate resolves the name mismatch issues seen when traditional (only one name per certificate) SSL certificates are used.

What does Multi Domain SSL secures?


  • PKI Standard – X.509
  • Algorithm – SHA-2
  • Encryption Strength – Up to 256 bit
  • CSR Encryption Bit – 2048
  • Validation Type – Domain Validation
  • Product Type – Secures different domains and sub-domains

Key Features:

  • Warranty - $50,000
  • Browser Compatibility – 99.3%
  • Additional Domains – Secures multiple SAN at extra cost
  • Reissuance – Unlimited
  • Additional Service Licenses – Free of cost unlimited servers
  • Refund Policy – 25 days
  • Support – 24/7 Chat, Email & Phone Support