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What is CSR?

A Certificate Signing Request(CSR) is an encrypted text that should be generated from the webserver. It should be generated from the server where you install the certificate. CSR encloses the details of your domain and company information. The fields are explained below

Common Name: It is Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) that you want to secure (e.g.
Note - For Wildcard SSL Certificate, the domain name must include *. in front of the domain (e.g. *
Organization Name: Your company's legally registered name (e.g ABC Pvt Ltd).
Organizational Unit: The unit or department that handles certificate(e.g. IT).
City/Locality: The city where your company is legally located.
State/Province Name: The state where your company is located (e.g. California).
Country: Two uppercase letters only (e.g. United States would be US and Great Britain would be GB).
Key Size: Select a key size 2048-bit (1024-bit is not supported anymore).
  • Once you generate the CSR, copy and paste the entire contents of the CSR including the parts
     -----BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST----- and -----END CERTIFICATE REQUEST-----     (See below for example)
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